Crush the Bear

Crush the Bear is a teddy with a heart. In need of a special home and person to be there for, a soft and furry body that they can snuggle up with. A huge toy teddy for anyone with space and need for a chair with a big smiling face.

Crush the Bear is a toy, stuffed, soft, cuddly teddy bear with a past. He earned his name through his previous job being crushed as a crash test dummy for teddy bears. He tested the worlds best cars for safety not just for bears but for kids and people too.

He retired earlier this year and is in perfect condition to move on with his retirement, to find a family to love and hug forever. He needs to be kept busy with lots of love and would love to spend his golden years being someone’s special friend.

Most people think that Crush earned his name from his mates in his previous career but he didn’t, it was well before that while he was being made and put through teddy school. Crush got his name from school mates because he has an ‘I Love You’ heart and he fell in love, he wanted to give it to another special teddy. Unfortunately for Crush his crush didn’t feel the same way and crushed his teddy heart.

So now he carries his ‘I Love You’ heart everywhere he goes as a reminder that one day he will find another special someone to give it to. Maybe it might be you that gets the lucky heart.

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