Tannie the Bear

Soft fur, sturdy construction, snuggly and handsome is what makes Tannie the Bear the best gift a kid could ever get.

Tannie the Bear is a stuffed toy teddy with smiles on his feet. Yes they look like three-eyed smiles but the match his adorable face so well. He’s not too large or too small just the perfect size to sit up on the floor while you talk to it.

His soft fur and cute bow around his neck make it very handsome. Any kid would want to have him to sleep with so you may need to more to keep everyone happy. His snuggles are the best.

His big feet are a striking feature that your little one may try to put their shoes on him so his feet will stay clean. You can also help by adding a hat and jacket for those cold days when you are out with him and kiddos.

Tannie is easily cleaned with a wet wipe or damp cloth. The washing machine won’t be too friendly on his stuffing or fur. Best to read his tagged instructions on maintenance.

Tannie the Bear is a tan coloured, soft furred, large sized, adorable, smiley footed stuffed toy teddy bear. Take him home or give as a gift and he will bring a smile to any kids face as he realises he has a new best friend for life.

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