Socks the White Teddy

Pet fish, cats, picnic baskets and honey jars are safe with Socks the Bear. He will not want any of those things just the love your whole family can share with him and he will be on his best behaviour wherever he goes.

Socks is a large soft stuffed white teddy bear that was made for hugging and burying your face in. Squishy in all the right places for sleeping with this teddy wants to get to know you and love all the same things you love.

Parents will love his ability to blend with anything in the house because they all know that white goes with anything. He can fit into most kids clothing once your youngest has grown out of them. So when your kids have up and grown dress him in the hand-me-downs and Mum and Dad will never have to worry about empty-nest syndrome.

He will hopefully keep burglars away while away on holiday. Just place him back against a window in a chair wearing a hat and an outfit with a light on and voila! A permanent houseguest to deter the weirdest of would be thieves. They would feel sorry for you because you have an unwanted guest that just won’t leave.

Socks the Big Teddy Bear is the bestest family member anyone could want for birthdays or Christmas. Picnic baskets are safe, honey jars will remain fur free and if you have a pet fish they will be very happy that Socks is stuffed toy bear and not a real one.

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