Pinky the Sister Bear

Pinky the Sister Bear is a stuffed toy teddy for anyone at any age. Wrap her up and surprise the new Big Sister with the exciting news and watch her reaction. Which way will they go?

Pinky the Sister Bear is a stuffed toy teddy bear with a very important job to do. It has the privilege of supporting any girl in the family through one of the biggest times in their lives, becoming a big sister.

Opening this toy as a gift can be a moment of happiness or sadness for any kid reading the front of Pinky the Sister Bear’s shirt. It won’t matter if the girl is happy or sad because bear will give the best stuffed toy cuddles during a moment when the new big sister needs it most.

As time goes on and another baby is on its way, big sister can pass the teddy down to the younger sister and they can share a moment together. Big, big sister can offer words or cuddles as she knows how her younger sister feels. Phew! A lot of sisters to go around.

Many years later when all the girls have grown up and boxes are moved around Pinky the Sister Bear will be found again and the family will remember how they all felt when they were handed down the bear on those special occasions.

The biggest surprise may come when Mum picks up the bear that day and hands it to the youngest as a gift again! That day would be memorable for all those now grown up sisters! Yikes.

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