Jumbo Jim the Bear

A stand in for almost any situation, soft, stuffed toy Jumbo Jim the Big Teddy Bear is the most handy bear you could ever own. Just think of the endless problems he could help you solve.

Jumbo Jim the Big Teddy Bear is BIG!

Almost as tall as an adult human that it could possibly replace the family favourite armchair in the lounge room. Imagine a house with no chairs but large stuffed toy teddy bears to sit on instead.

Stuffed toys are mainly created for children but who cares when they can come in big sizes like this, there would be many uses for teddies of this size:

*Car pooling: Dress up Jumbo Jim in adult clothes and a hat then place him in the front passenger seat. You could cruise through the carpool lane and avoid some traffic. Score!

*Date night: Sick of those nosy questions from people about why you are alone at the movies, at the restaurant or Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner. No worries just dress Jumbo Jim up in the appropriate attire and away you go. You may have to learn how to throw your voice like a ventriloquist but that could be fun.

* Sports: He could be your tackle practice dummy for the football team or goalie for soccer. Just put the spare uniform on him and away you go. The mascot may get jealous about another furry creature on the field but they could take turns.

Jumbo Jim is surface washable. If he becomes thoroughly wet hanging on the clothes line is probably not a great look for your yard. The neighbours might worry and call the police. Maybe tie him to the roof of the car for a while to dry him out? It might work.

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