Bear with a Blanket

Blanky Bear is a stuffed toy bear with a special gift, sing a long song and very soft blanket. Ideal for very young kids and easy to play with Bear will love to sing whenever you want him to.

Blanky Bear is very special. He has been given the gift of song and a warm soft blanket to keep you warm. When he sings the song he shows his super power of partial invisibility and has a stronger influence over younger children.

The ‘Magick Cloak’ can help Blank Bear hide almost anywhere. Just carry him with you, play the song and ask if anyone can see you. You’ll surprise Mum and Dad when they wonder where you have gone. They will be able to hear you but may not be able to see you for a short while.

Stuffed toy bear is a handy friend to have on long trips in cars or planes. Providing comfort with the blanket and softness in his fur. After a while you will learn the song and sing along with him. How fun!

Ask Mum or Dad for a blanket of your own and copy what Blanky Bear does. They will be so proud and want to record you both for a cherished memory to share with Grandma and Grandma.

Endless hours of fun with this toy bear with his big size which is perfect for hugs, soft material for snugs and cute face as cute as a bug.

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