Wolfie the Sitting Wolf

Wolfie the toy stuffed wolf is the bestest wolf friend you could ever want in your home. Pet him, talk to him and he will listen to every word you say without a bark or single howl. He is stuffed toy wolf of course with the most realistic and softest fur you could feel.

Wolfie is sitting patiently waiting for someone to adopt him. He is willing to go anywhere and do anything hoping someone like you will need him. A loyal little friend for anyone who wants company, to fill the missing void from a loved one or something to look at. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Never has a toy wolf such as this one ever been given a realistic stature or face. His size may be small but no one will care as he will win them over with his soft plush fur.

Sitting perfectly at attention Wolfie is ready to play at anytime and anywhere. He is very good at looking after your prized possessions on your desk or shelf. Just remember to dust him every now and then.

Having a loyal little stuffed toy wolf in your home is fabulous when you want to watch your favourite werewolf movies or read your romantic vampire and werewolf stories. Imagine being swept away by the romance of being the belle between a vampire and a werewolf pack and seeing your mascot for team wolfies sitting quietly in your lap.

If werewolves aren’t your water bowl maybe heroic pups who save the day could be. Lying down patting your toy wolf and remembering all the episodes of a TV long ago that saved kids from the dangers of wells.

Whichever you prefer, Wolfie will love you no matter what, just give him a pat every now and then and he will be your protector. Go Wolfie!

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