Jumbo the Wolf

Jumbo the Wolf is super soft and super large, people will see him coming first before they see you underneath all his soft fur. Everyone will want to hug you both and what a cuddle that would be!

Jumbo the Wolf is big, furry and cuddly. Such a large soft toy he won’t take up all the space in your bed! If he gets nudged during the night he won’t mind, the floor is more spacious for him. If you fall out of bed, he will be the soft landing that you need.

No need to worry about getting bitten and being turned into a werewolf with this guy. No wars with vampires, howling at the moon, adventures with ghosts, mummies or Frankenstein. Save money on silver bullets but still feel safe being protected by this big toy and enjoy being the leader of this pack.

He is a big toy stuffed softy that just wants cuddles and loads of them. he would rather snuggle and give you a good seat when you watch TV. A nice soft cushy spot to sit wherever you are, your brothers or sisters may want to sit on him too.

Share him with family or friends or scare the family pet with his realistic size and fur design. Anyone would think it was a real wolf in your house. Just make sure that you reassure your guests that Jumbo won’t attack, but he is soft enough to toss across the room onto people to surprise them. Imagine the looks on their faces.

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Jumbo the Wolf
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