Growler the Wolf

Growler the Wolf is a stuffed toy with a secret ability, to change his face to protect you from any dangers that may lurk around. Just bring your best growl sounds when you’re with it, danger be gone!

Growler is stuffed toy plush wolf with a split personality. Just gently squeeze the buttons on the back of his head if you want to tick him off, but only for a short time because one you let go he is happy again.

This unique feature resembles something out of horror movies where the dog is super friendly and all is okay then BAM! A sudden change in personality causes unknown dangers. But with this little toy you are in control of the darker side of this wolf. Control his urge to go on a rampage with a quick squeeze from your hand.

His teeth aren’t sharp and pose no danger to anyone’s delicate skin just gives everyone a little surprise when you suddenly change him between a Dr Jekyll type of wolf to one that is a like to Mr Hyde.

If you ever feel scared grab this toy stuffed wolfie and change his face to scare off the scariest of things can go bump in the night. He is a fierce protector but is missing one aspect, a ferocious growl. You can practice all the time to get the perfect growl for him when he shows his fierce face.

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