Foxie the Wolf

Sweet dreams with this soft stuffed toy fox. Rest in your room or lounge stroking its beautiful fur talking to it about your wild nights out attempting to karaoke your new song you wrote about him. Just be aware, nothing is ever forgotten on the internet.

Foxie is foxy! A little ginger-headed fox with elbow and knee high black ‘boots’ and a sweeping bushy tail. Such a soft cutie ready for wild times in the back yard or indoors.

This little stuffed toy fox could be the inspiration of a great song, a guitar riff that would be popular around the world but it just needs a star, someone who loves it as much as the first guy did. Your parents know who he was, ask them to play the tune and perhaps you could write your own rock song.

Take Foxie to the blue light disco and it will be the smartest dressed fox there, a real foxy lady if you want. Run to the dance floor and watch its long swishy tail flow behind you as you make your way to the microphone to sing out the ballad you wrote. Come one, I dare ya.

Foxie is the softest plushest stuffed toy you could own and maybe you could make it some clothes to wear when you go out on the town. Foxie’s colors go with just about anything. Perhaps make it a bed for it to rest at the end of the night when you return home.

When at home the next day ask it, ‘what do foxes say?’ It won’t reply because it is a toy but it would love to hear you sing along to the song and listen to you reminisce about the wild night before.

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