Brownie the Wolf

Easy to clean, easy to carry and easy to fall in love with. Bring Wolfie home and give him lots of snuggles anytime and anywhere with anyone. He is the best behaved and most polite stuffed toy wolf you could ever own.

An adorable stuffed toy wolf pup. It feels abandoned and lonely with its sad dark eyes, its waiting here ready for someone to give it a new home.

It has fluffy, soft realistic fur and is poseable for long term sitting. In a gorgeous coloring and design wolf wants to meet you and your family. Are you willing to take this stuffed wolf home with you or help find a new one with one of your friends or family? Doesn’t matter how old they are or the special occasion, wolf pup needs love and knows just the right way to show it by being the most well behaved toy wolf pup you have ever seen.

He is willing to ‘work’ for his upkeep, by watching out for your home when you are not around making sure that all is safe the only way a stuffed toy wolf can. He will not ask for anything but will love cuddles and snuggles whenever he can get them.

He will get along with children and pets perfectly with no fighting or burying things in the backyard because he is a toy and therefore cannot lift anything but still YOU could imagine all these things on his behalf.

Small and light enough to fit almost anywhere Wolfie is also easy to clean with a damp cloth just don’t chuck him in the washing machine as it could ruin his coat. If you can’t do this to a real wolf why would you do this to your new best friend? It would be easier but they will never be the same.

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