Bluey the Wolf

Bluey wants a friend and one who he can protect forever. Give this toy a good home and you will never want to let him go.

Highly adorable and popular are these stuffed toys. Kids go crazy over their softness and cuteness. Bring one home and you will see the excitement in your childs face as they instantly recognise this toy.

In such a handy size so you can have room in your bedroom to collect them all, Bluey’s eyes sparkle in the light making it very attractive no matter how bright the room is.

This little wolf needs a forever home and hopefully one with friends just like him, the more there are the more sparkly your room will be. Such perfect size to fit in your hand and made with such soft fabrics you won’t be able to take your eyes off of him, you will be mesmerized by its huge dark eyes.

Ideal for short or long trips Bluey don’t need a leash to go for walks just place him in your arms or outside bag pocket and he can watch the world go by no matter how far or fast you travel. Take him or his furry friends with you when you go to visit your friends house because you never know they may have some of these bean-filled toys too.

Bluey the stuffed toy wolf would love nothing better than to keep you safe at night as a guard wolf while you sleep. Happy dreams with Bluey the Wolf.

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