Smiley the Sloth

A little sloth is what all families need in their toy collection. Their goofy smiles and relaxed stature will keep any owner chill and happy in their company. Everyone smiles with a Sloth.

Sloth is a soft, plush, cute, toy friend that looks like he stuck his finger in an electrical socket. A contagious happy smile with stand up fur. He will make anyone giggle when they look at him. Sloth has patience and plenty of time to wait for you, with his arms outstretched ready for a cuddle anytime.

With his shiny black nose and eyes, simple features Sloth is safe for anyone and any pet. A soft fluffy friend that wants to hang around with everyone and be the centre of the party. Put a party hat on its head and pass him around, he will love it and so will the kids.

Speaking of kids, the best thing about toy companions like this one is it will listen to all the Minecraft, Roblox, YouTube stories that your kids want to share that you may have heard 1000 times or more and it will keep its adorable little smile on its face no matter what. The kids will love it.

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Smiley the Sloth
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Smiley the Sloth
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Smiley the Sloth
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