Sloth with Velcro in a Shirt

Sloth is a great at giving cuddles to everyone no matter how big you are. With his removable t-shirt even the messiest of Sloths can get cleaner after a lovely meal with the family.

Sloths are usually slow moving creatures but this soft toy sloth is SUPER cuddly and moves as fast as you do. With his velcro arms it can hang onto you for consistent cuddles. It can be hung from a tree, bed post, monkey bars or car, anywhere you want just don’t forget to bring him home!

You could prank other people in your home or workplace! Just hang him anywhere that is above head height and let him drop onto them. They will be surprised and end up with a cuddle from Sloth, the velcro-limbed friend.

Word of caution: if the friend or family member that is holding sloth has long hair be careful of the velcro as it can get caught in the hair and what a sight that would be! These two new friends running about the room trying to get untangled. It would make a great home video and may become a winner on AFV! The velcro is soft and easily manageable.

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