Sloth with Big Feet

Soft Sloth is everyone’s friend. With his big feet he may fit even the smallest family members shoes and be ready for a night out on the town. Take it to the park and his big feet will be clean, no muddy prints from this Sloth.

Sloth has some big feet which will make it a hard toy to lose track of. Being slower than a real sloth you don’t have to worry about it running away from you. This little toy critter is so quiet and slow you will forget he is there most of the time but once you see it you will smile and want to give it a snuggle.

Sloth has the appearance of earless racoon but he won’t eat your garbage, knock your bins over or make a mess in your yard.

This plushy friend feature some large plastic eyes which would be good to hold hidden cameras and who would suspect such a cute little face to be other than a kids toy. Just plonk it down anywhere in your home and smile at it, he will smile back keep very still.

Made from soft materials Sloth is a perfect friend for everyone; parents, grandparents, kids and even the furry family members. A smile on its face for everyone.

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Sloth with Big Feet
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Sloth with Big Feet
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Sloth with Big Feet
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Sloth with Big Feet
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