Cuddly Sloth

This is the slowest moving sloth on the planet. It doesn’t need feeding or baths but it can keep you company at night if you feel lonely or scared of the dark. Sloth has long arms for good hugs.

Sloth’s. We have seen them at the zoo and in movies and wonder what is so special about them? Well now you can find out for yourself by owning one of these toy plushy ones in your own home. This stuffed toy sloth is guaranteed to act like the real thing, just sitting there in your own home not moving a muscle. It is so life-like in appearance your guests would try to call the zoo to arrange pick up.

Little kids who visit your home will rush over to see it and try re enact the movie and zoom around the house with it or even have a slow moving conversation with it. You would think that your home was moving closer to a black hole at the speeds of which the conversation would flow in their impersonation.

Sloth may not move or say anything but imagine the reaction you would receive from a policeman if you get pulled over and he sees the sloth you placed in your lap in behind the steering wheel. They may crack up so much you ~might~ get out of that ticket they were going to write up on you.

So treat him well, he might save you some money and time.

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Cuddly Sloth
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