Square Piggy

Square stuffed pig is a toy for everyone. No square poops throughout your home or car, this toy piggy needs no food. A toy for all ages that love the pixelated games. You could roll it like dice across the lounge room floor and it won’t complain. Playing with square stuffed toy piggy has been such an oinking good time!

Square stuffed toy pig is a good size for any present wrapping challenged person. With its soft construction and straight sides it is easy to wrap for birthdays or Christmas and light enough for anyone to hold. Just stuff it in a gift bag or box and away you go.

Pigs can make interesting pets but do require some maintenance but with this stuffed toy square pig there is no need to feed scraps or provide a muddy pen for it to sleep in. Square stuffed pig is happy as a real pig in mud and will be quiet about it too, no squealing or honking, just a large softly stuffed nose to snuggle into.

This toy stuffed pig will not be providing any bacon or ham at the dinner table but it will give its owner endless hours of cuddles and play without the muddy hooves on the carpet. A clean soft toy piggy you can have in the cleanest of houses.

Re enact one of your favorite gaming adventures with this square pig. It can sit by you and watch you play your favorite game with pixelated animals. Even listen to you read a book about square things to do and adventures you have had in the pixel world.

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