Pinky Legged Pig

Stuffed toy plush pig is a toy for all pig movies. Enjoy all of them while you snuggle into toy piggy’s fur and cute little face. With long legs you can make him dance across the floor to your favorite music while holding his hands. How fun would that be?

Stuffed toy piggy resembles a special prized, one that was loved by a whole farm and then the world. Now this stuffed toy pig can be yours today and enjoy soft, warm, fuzzy snuggles as you relive its adventures on TV.

This toy stuffed pig’s doppelganger was special from the moment it was separated from it’s mum. It tried to get along with everyone and one day it found it’s calling, an unusual skill for a pig. Piggy was then adopted by a loving family of pups and thrust into the world to show its new found skill of sheep herding. The doppelganger became world famous and was on TV, everyone laughed at him thinking he couldn’t do the job. He showed them wrong and won the event.

Now you can own a stuffed toy plush piggy like him and watch the adventure together snuggled up on the floor in front of the TV. The whole family would love to be with the both of you. Sit down and enjoy warm buttery popcorn with everyone while piggy herds the sheep across the screen and everyone laughs at the ducks, mice, cows, sheep and dogs all ‘talking’ to each other.

Raise your stuffed toy piggy in the air whenever this babe of a pig prances across the TV screen.

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