Piggy with Fluffy Nose

A stuffed toy piggy for anyone who collects pigs in all forms. It will sit quietly in any room and be the cleanest, quietest, mud-free, smell-free piggy you will ever own. Snuggle up to his nose and feel its softness for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Heatable stuffed toy plush piggy is so cuddly you won’t want to let him go even when it is warmed up in the microwave or cooled for sore spots.

Placing this pig in the microwave releases a refreshing French Lavender smell all through your house. A soothing smell to relax anybody. Just to be clear, heating this piggy up will NOT release the deliciousness smell of bacon in your home no matter how hard to try, this is a STUFFED TOY piggy plain and simple. Yes we all know bacon is wonderfully smelling but so is French Lavender.

On another note, stuffed toy piggy will not sprout wings and fly no matter who often someone says “…when pigs fly’. You could toss him about the yard or room and it is so soft it couldn’t hurt a fly, just maybe knock it out with its stuffed toy cuddliness.

Enjoy this toy stuffed animal with its extra fluffy nose, it is better than the real ones which are bristly, slobbery and much less noisy. It is so cute and soft it will make the most grumpiest of people squeal with excitement when they snuggle with it. Piggy is the the cutest bacon-less stuffed animal there is.

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