Patch the Piggy

Piggy is a stuffed toy with a whole lot of love to give and take. Snuggle it all day and night with it’s fat little belly perfect for resting upon. Show him to your friends and make piggy noises until you all fall down laughing. Oink oink!

This little stuffed toy piggy has had adventures and would love to relive then again and again with you. Listening to you sing the poem over and over while you roll over getting tickled pink by laughing.

This little stuffed toy piggy would love to go to market with you and your grown up. Just carry him in your arms around the store and it will watch you shop.

It will also love to spend time with at home watching TV shows about a bear that loves honey and a donkey that is sad. Stuffed toy is the perfect dinner guest especially when roast beef is served, it is so polite it will sit quietly, watch and listen to you tell stories about your day.

Stuffed toy piggy is so generous that if you want a second helping of dinner he won’t hog it, he will let you have it. This piggy is already STUFFED.

Lastly this little stuffed toy piggy may not say anything but will listen to you squeal all the way home with the enjoyment of feeling his soft fluffy fur on your face. Hugs is what he is made for and this toy simply cannot get enough of them. It will not snore or try to hog the bed at night. It is a good little piggy.

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