Pengy the Pocket Penguin

This pocket sized plush stuffed toy penguin is looking for a new job as a pocket filler in a shirt, pants or even a school bag. Its adorable little face will smile wherever you go.

Grab this little stuffed toy penguins wings and waddle it across the floor while you watch your favorite claymation penguin get into all kinds of antics. This little penguin loves to play games and go anywhere, his cute smile will attract anyone at school as it fits perfectly in the side pockets for all to see.

If cute animated penguins aren’t for you maybe seeing your favorite superhero battle the supervillain boss of penguins is more your thing. Seeing all those penguins slide and waddle across the screen with umbrellas and fancy gadgets. Smack! Biff! Kapow! All the penguins are free for the supervillain’s tyranny. And now you can have the same adventures at home with your very own hand sized fluffy plush penguin.

Now it is free to have fun at your home and meet new friends in your stuffed toy collection. It’s new job now it is to melt the hearts of everyone with it’s adorable little facial expression.

This little stuffed toy could fit in your freezer with all the other icy cold things snuggling against the ice where penguins normally love but this plush stuffed toy would prefer to stay safe with you whenever possible. It might surprise Mum or Dad if they find a penguin in the freezer. Also it could turn into tonight’s dinner! Best to avoid the freezer with this little toy, just keep it in your bag where he takes up the smallest space or even your pocket. Pengy the Pocket Penguin!

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