Pengy the Pillow

Penguin the stuffed toy pillow is a light feathery friend that will support you wherever you are. Just undo the velcro belly and he will keep you comfy while dreaming away on long trips or at home. Penguin is a friend for play and for sleep.

Pengy the stuffed toy pillow and friends have now made the (mostly) friendly kids game of pillow fights more fun. We know you can’t throw real animals around the room like lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) but playing with these animal pillows as safe as possible.

With this guy you could build an igloo fort out of boxes in the yard or lounge room and paint it to look cold and icy. Pengy the Pillow will feel right at home inside the fort and you two could imagine the best of adventures all day.

At night he flattened out to be the softest and squishiest pillow ever to help you sleep through the night. Being a penguin pillow doesn’t mean he is cold to sleep with or hold because he is filled with super soft stuffing to hold the heads of the heaviest of dreamers.

The velcro belt underneath helps penguin sit up on ‘all fours’ making him look like he is ready to play, and he is. You may get tired and he will be ready but he will love to be with you always.

He makes the perfect little travel companion being a friend to talk to and a pillow for long trips. He will always be ready to turn into a pillow when you need him.

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