Penguin Party Collection Figurines

Penguin Party Collection Figurines, PPCF. What a cool name for a rockin’ set of toys that you can pretend play with as a band. They promise to keep the noise down while your house sleeps at night, because as you know these groovy guys are toy penguins.

These toy penguins are ready to party! They are already in their crew and have matching outfits. Totally primed to attract some birds of a feather to flock to the dance floor together, or so they think (they are toys after all)

Looking hip and schmick with matching tuxedos and one of them sprouting a ‘flock of seagulls’ style ‘do, Party Penguins are on the prowl but there is one little itty bitty problem. They need a babysitter for the little grey one. Can you give them all a new home and keep them all happy?

The little grey one is so quiet and well behaved, well they all are since they are toy figurines. They would make awesome little models for videos of them partying it up in at a background created disco. Think of the possibilities with these guys.

Penguin Party Collection Figurines are so easy to transport they could fit in a Barbie campervan or car to ride around in your home. They could all live a little dollhouse decorated with funky decorations and furniture. Such a cool place for them to hang out.

There is quite a collection of toy figurines here, what are you going to name them all?

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