Heatable Penguin

Penguin the stuffed toy heatable pillow needs a new and shorter name. Imagine the fun you could have with your Mum, Dad or siblings trying to think of a name for the adorably cute little fellow. The possibilities are endless!

Penguin is a stuffed toy with a warm secret. Throw it in the microwave and smell its relaxing French lavender scent. Don’t try to do this with a real one though! Penguins usually prefer the cold of Antarctica and avoid being breakfast, lunch and dinner to the bigger animals such as seals, whales and sharks in the area. Stuffed toy penguin is safer with you in your arms getting snuggles.

Stuffed toy penguin can also be cooled by placing a frozen bag inside for lowering any temperatures and swelling you may get. He is a busy little penguin with two jobs just like his friends, he is happy to be warm or cold for whatever you need. Even as a regular toy it is super comforting to have around. He won’t attempt to fly away or try to steal your fish dinner. He is far to polite for such behavior sitting quietly wherever you put him.

Stuffed toy penguin is a classy little companion for your room as anything you will have there will definitely go with black, white or yellow. Mum and Dad will be happy to have this around to dress up the lounge room too, so much so you may need to buy a second companion for them.

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