Grey Baby Penguin

Grey, little, white and a very cute little stuffed baby penguin toy needs a new home. Baby will love having this in their crib to wake up to and wrestle with. A little toy to babble with as they learn to speak. Toy penguin won’t reply but it is a great listener.

This little grey stuffed toy penguin is so cute and fluffy that anyone including animals would love to carry around and snuggle with. Penguin can be picked up one handed or in your mouth and carried from room to room wherever you want to nap.

There is no fishy smell or cold wet feathers with this little toy plushy, he will always remain soft and ready for snuggles. Save on trips to the Antarctic or zoo and take this little stuffed toy penguin home today. Who couldn’t resist him, little kids will flock to touch his soft fur.

Pets will welcome it into their baskets and snooze with it all day long, dogs may try to bury it and dig it up for hunting practice. Cats will approach it, sniff it and possibly choose to move along because that is what cat’s do. No fighting over fishy leftovers between these two since the cat will probably get it and penguin is a stuffed toy. So no problemo!

Cutie toy penguin can be played with by anyone of any age, even the littlest of kids. Watching penguin movies with this little toy is now even more fun, pretend this stuffed toy penguin is tap dancing along with your favorite movie. So much fun!

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