Curious George in Pyjamas

Curious George in Pyjamas likes games, comedies and fun but he needs your help. He is a stuffed toy but with a curious personality. He wants to see and do loads of new stuff everyday so take him with you wherever you go.

Curious George in Pyjamas is a stuffed little toy that is always ready for a slumber party. Invite your friends over for a toy sleepover at your house or bring him to your next one at a friends place. He even has his own little yellow blanket to sleep under if it gets a bit cold.

If you are ever feeling a bit under the weather what better toy could you have with you than a monkey. Known for their infectious laughter, curiosity and goofing around, this little toy won’t be able to laugh but it will love to watch monkey movies with you while you get better.

Monkeys are the funniest creatures ever existed and also the sneakiest most human-like ones out there. They behave almost like kids and that is why kids love toy monkeys like this one so much because they can relate so much to them.

Curious George in Pyjamas loves games and would love to join in if he could but he is a light toy so you can help be a part of the fun and games by carrying him around and talking to him about what is going on. Because like all monkeys this little toy stuffed monkey is very curious.

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