MC the Monkey Chair

MC the Monkey Chair is one chair all your siblings and friends will want to park their behinds. Made of the most supportive foam MC will muffle the loudest as basest of farts. Try it, see what happens.

MC the Monkey Chair is plush and soft for any young tush to sit on. Pick him up and plonk it anywhere on the floor and he is ready to support the most wriggliest of kids behinds.

Imagine enjoying Saturday morning music video channel with this little guy, his hands and feet are at the ready to listen to the most funky of rap dance songs from years past. MC the Monkey Chair is for kids but this won’t stop Mum or Dad dancing along. If you catch them dancing with the chair just say out loud “You can’t touch this!” and groove your way back across the room.

Mum and Dad can break it down for you if it gets a little grubby by snipping the threads inside the zipper and you can watch the drama unfold between the washer and dryer. Once the show is over Monkey can go back to doing its job of protecting your little butt.

MC the Monkey Chair is a stuffed toy monkey made of foam but with his hands and feet decals at the ready it will always be ‘Hammer Time’ when the song comes on and he is light enough to be picked up by anyone.

Perhaps one day while sitting in MC the Monkey Chair will provide a soft spot for you to learn to read or write. Maybe one day you will write one of the best songs ever and you will have MC the Monkey Chair to thank for it.

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