Cheeky the Monkey

Cheeky the Monkey is the quietest monkey you could ever own. This soft stuffed little buddy can inspire the most creative of child to behave like real monkeys around your home. That would be a great sight but remember to bring your camera.

Cheeky the Monkey is a stuffed toy whose remblance descends from a long line of globally well-known monkeys particularly the fiercest and most awesomest of them all, King Kong.

King Kong was more of an ape rather than a monkey but both species are closely related. King Kong was removed from his home forcefully by greedy poachers and pushed into the world of humans for entertainment against his will, he was 25 feet tall after all.

But this little toy monkey loves the human world and wants to entertain you forever with his tail, soft feet and huggable arms. He may not be king of Skull Island but he can be king of your world if you let him.

Everyone loves the antics of real monkeys in zoos, jumping up and down, swinging in the branches, scoffing down fruit and picking their fur. All these things are fun to watch but imagine those things at home. Utter chaos would ensue, which is why toy monkeys like Cheeky here are the best things to have in your house. A much cleaner and less noisy kind of monkey.

Cheeky the Monkey needs a home that can provide loads of cuddles anytime and anywhere. A home that has a ‘zoo’ of lots of different types of animals to entertain. He may not be able to move or talk, but that is where you can help him by being his friend and move his arms and legs for him. Pretend to be the monkey he can’t and your family will laugh with you.

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