Splotches the Llama

Fluffy and proud, this toy llama is a loyal friend to any kid and a safe ride for any doll. A friend to keep you safe and listen to your secrets.

Llama is a soft cuddly plush friend that always looks like he is ready to go for a ride. The expression on its face is one of looking out into the distance. He may not be ready to give you a ride but he will definitely let one of your other toy friends ride him around the lounge room or bedroom.

He is the perfect little traveling companion for any kid. Gracefully looking out the window to see what you see and at night it will sit quietly in your lap to listen to your stories. He promises not to tell anyone your secrets, they are safe with him.

Proudly looking outside you could only imagine what this stuffed toy is thinking about. The places he has been and seen during his construction. If only he could talk he would definitely spin a ‘yarn’ or two.

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