Rainbow Llama

Rainbows! Everyone loves looking at them and trying to catch them. But imagine having access to a rainbow all the time? The added bonus with this toy is that it has a cute face and soft fur to cuddle. Rainbows and llamas, who would have thought they would go so well together?

Rainbow llama is the punk of the llama world! With its multicolored fur it will setting new trends for all the other llamas out there. Easily noticeable in any room with the soft bright colors and will match any outfit or accessory. A very fashionable little friend.

Imagine trying to be in with the latest trend and attempting to dye a real llama these same colors and take it out with you, what a sight! You would end up covered in rainbow colors from the adventure and possibly looking like a clown.

This rainbow toy llama has the advantage of being 7 inches tall and being able to fit into most bags (with its head poking out if you like to attract attention) and looking so adorable while out and about.

A rainbow friend (human or toy llama) is an awesome one to have, because everyone loves a rainbow.

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