Large White Llama

Happy to sit perfectly still this lovable little toy will keep generations of children happy in your family. If looked after well llama can be passed down through the siblings in your family to the next generation or make another family happy as a gift or charitable donation. Kids love toys.

Llama is a soft stuffed toy for everyone to hold anytime. It will sit still relaxing on your lap while you watch TV and will not kick a fuss or spit in disapproval. Happy to watch whatever you are doing and listen to anything you say without so much as a “bleet”.

Looking like a cross between a camel and a sheep, llama is the tall toy friend every kid needs to reach the cookie jar and hide it behind it’s big body. Not quite big enough to ride but it can lay down quietly in the bed and not snore.

Being able to lay still for long periods of time, llama makes a good model for anyone’s artworks. Just imagine the fridge, freezer and your child’s bedroom walls filled with pictures of llama. Its happy little face looking at you with your child’s signature on the bottom of the artworks.

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5 x 6 x 12 inches


8 ounces