Heatable Giraffe

Cold Winter nights begone with heatable toy giraffe. His cute little face and fat round belly filled with flaxseed and French lavender with tickle your senses and help you sleep through the night. Suitable for all ages, no one is too old for a cuddle from a toy giraffe.

Heatable Giraffe is a soft plush toy covering filled with a heatable flax seed and French lavender bag. Great for warming up kids beds or pajamas while they are in the bath. This giraffe is the fattest one around which will keep your kids warm for a long time and making them nice and toasty for cuddles because no one likes cold hands in winter. Brrr.

Giraffe has a whole lot of other heatable friends too. Just think of how warm your bed will be in the coldest of winters if he has all of his buddies heated up in the microwave and seated up in your bed waiting for you at bedtime. All this soft plush warmth would be too much to handle that it will knock you right out into dreamland.

This stuffed toy animal just wants to be in a home with a microwave and a family that needs warmth. He is not just for warming up beds or clothing but great to snuggle with when watching a movie with the family. Maybe even place a bowl of popcorn on top of him to keep them warm.

Tossing giraffe around gently in a circle of your friends would make a good warm game of pass the parcel fun. Everyone will want to hog him for warm snuggles. He can warm even the coldest of feet, a great gift for any grown up too.

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