Giraffe with Pacifier

A tall toy friend for the smallest person in your family. Soft and cuddly to keep baby happy for hours and a constant companion when you are out and about. Squishy enough to fit into most tight places when bags are full and light enough for baby to hold. No flattened babies with this toy.

Giraffe with pacifier is a cute little toy friend for your baby. With its dummy attachment on its nose it will look like it is giving your little one kisses all day long. What great cute photos that would make.

The stuffed toy attachment is in the perfect place for your baby to hold on to and easy to find the dummy if baby drops it especially at night. Parents that use pacifiers regularly know the middle of the night hunt for lost dummies, whipping out a phone torch or turning on the room light risking waking baby from sleep. But with Giraffe feeling around in the dark for the dummy is easier.

Falling asleep with this stuffed toy and pacifier will help baby sleep soundly with the feeling of the soft plush against his or hers skin and the sensation of someone there. A little companion for baby while you do what needs to be done. You can take it anywhere and it will fit into any sized bag. If baby wants to carry Giraffe they will be able to due to its light plush construction. No Mr Olympia or Miss Universe muscles needed here (unless you are into that sort of thing).

Giraffe, a stuffed, soft, plush, toy buddy for the littlest person in your family.

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