Blanket Giraffe

A little perfectly sized blanket suited for the smallest of people in the family whether they be human or furry. Can be easily picked up at any angle and lightly carried around the house from room to room. Anyone would want to pick up this giraffe toy headed blanket and feel its softness against their face.

A stuffed giraffe head with a blanket comes in soothing colours to help you baby sleep and feel comforted. With a cute smile any baby would love to try to kiss it good night and snuggle it while they sleep. Taking photos of your child with this toy favourite will make them look back when they have grown up and remember how soft and safe they felt with giraffe back then.

This toy isn’t as tall as a real one but taking it to the zoo to see the real giraffes will bring happiness to baby as they swing their giraffe toy in the air towards the real giraffes. They may walk over and that would be an awesome opportunity for some great photos with the wildlife. Just keep a tight grip in case the creatures think it is real and try to lick it.

Giraffe is easy to clean and carry when baby wants to store it. It won’t take up all the room in the bed and won’t complain if it gets knocked on to the floor or rolled on during baby’s sleep. It is easy to pick up with its head and hold for those long back seat trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They could play with giraffe and baby and so many giggles and laughter will ensue. A soft, plush, cute toy for baby and you.

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