Biggy the Giraffe

Giraffe is big, big enough to scare the scariest of scary things away for good. Handy to have in your room to make you feel safe anytime and soft enough for the longest of cuddles. Bring him home and you may need a bigger bed to share with him, he is that soft you never want to be without him.

Big, strong, sturdy, fun, soft stuffed toy giraffe will be the biggest thing in your room. Standing taller than most young kids traveling with this toy may prove tricky, you will have to ask Mum or Dad to tie it to the roof racks on the car for long trips. Giraffe would love the amazing view from up there speeding along the highway. Just imagine the looks from other travelers driving by, the kids will say that they saw a large toy giraffe whizz by and their parents may not believe them.

Christmas and birthdays would be an amazing treat too. Imagine opening the door for the delivery person and seeing a large box with your name on it. It would be so exciting thinking up what could be inside, the excitement would possibly be filmed by Mum and Dad for a memory to keep forever. You approach the box, rip open the flaps and pull out a GIANT stuffed toy giraffe! The biggest one you have ever seen. Mum and Dad will be thrilled at the size of it and will get such enjoyment out of seeing you look so happy. Ask for one this year, experience this for yourselves.

Giant giraffe is so tall he could wear your clothes or even your parents clothes. Dress it up and walk over to Mum or Dad, they would think there was a stranger in the house and be surprised. They will be relieved it is your toy giraffe and have some good laughs with you.

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