Big Feet Giraffe

Love to draw, paint or sculpt? Giraffe is the perfect stuffed toy animal to use as he is filled with beans and will sit upright for a long time. He is quiet and will not offer unwarranted criticism. He will love whatever work you create and you forever.

Giraffe is a cute little stuffed plush toy filled with beans. He is able to sit upright for long periods of time which makes him perfect for tea parties or guarding the toy for in your room. Just sit him up and watch him for hours and he will sit there attentively listening to you talk about the latest toys or battles from the backyard.

He will also be able to sit up in a dining chair at the dinner table, no falling down during meal times. Giraffe will be like one of the family there, he will listen and not interrupt anyone. A lovely little guest every night, welcome in all homes with amazing table manners.

After dinner times will be fun too with the both of you seated on the lounge room floor with all the other toys watching TV with the family. No pestering questions or hogging the snacks. This little toy is soft and cuddly at bedtimes, ready to snuggle down and listen to all your secrets before you sleep.

There are lots of friends available that also have these large soft feet. If you collect them all you can put on a dance show for your family, their feet may fit into your own shoes and that would be a very funny sight. Family videos will never be the same, a memory to cherish and laugh about forever.

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