Roxx the Fox

Roxx the Fox in the crib or car has never been more fun or soothing. Just watch your little one snuggle his face to their favorite music and dance in with their little arms.

This musical toy fox is a wonderful little buddy to have with you anywhere. The loop on the back is a great handle for your little one to hold wherever they go. A musical friend to take everywhere.

Fox can be clasped on to the back of a car seat (or kids booster seat) for access to tunes in the car. Just imagine driving with your windows down, car bouncing along and the crew you made in the back seat rocking out to the tunes from this mad fox. You would be the envy of all the other Mum’s and Dad’s in the street. They would rush to see your backseat party either rockin’ out or snoozin’ away to the music.

Roxx the Fox rocks!

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Roxx the Fox
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