Fox with Big Feet

Fox with big feet has a smile just as large. A stuffed toy fox with a cheeky smile to share around and have imaginary play with. What adventures will you both dig up today?

Fox comes with big feet, big enough to make cuddling this stuffed animal toy extra fun. He is light enough to be taken anywhere and small enough to fit into most bags for easy travel. Mum’s and Dad’s will love this little companion too, his smile lights up the room. Such a foxy little fella with massive feet, he might fit into your shoes!

Keep an eye on this guy, his cheeky little grin makes you wonder what he could be thinking. Could he be thinking about chasing rabbits? Tricking farmers? Hoarding all the food in his home in the hill? Who knows, but it sure is fun to think about. Sweet dreams with this little fluffy soft toy fox.

Fox’s paws and large feet are sewn close together which make him extra aerodynamic and light for playing inside your home or yard. Tossing him around and catching him in the air and if you land on him everything will be okay as he is soft and washable just like you. Just don’t take him into the bath, give him to a grown up to clean. Maybe you can help or watch as this plush soft toy animal is bathed, tell him it is okay. He is your little friend and he will always want to be around you.

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