Blanky the Fox

Blanky the Fox is a soft toy friend you can talk to, a puppet you can say anything to and start a career with. Best to start early if you want to be the best puppeteer ever. Make your family laugh with Blanky the Fox.

Blanky the Fox is a toy and security blank all in one. Suitable for all young children who want that extra softness during nap times or warmth on those long car trips with Mum and Dad. He comes in blue with will go with most outfits or you can be daring and wear something that clashes. Stand out from the other kids at home or in daycare, start a new trend.

Keep fox close with you at all times and make it clear to the grown ups in the house that Blanky the Fox is not a cleaning cloth for the car or home. It may be fun for them to use with his little head on top for entertainment but fox is a soft plushy blanket with toy that was made especially for you. He wants to have fun not pick up dust bunnies from the floor.

Also Blanky is versatile as a puppet too. Place your little hand underneath the blanket with his head at the top and you could have a little friend to talk to. Pick up some of his other animal friends and you can have a full blown puppet show for everyone to enjoy. Being so light and easy to travel with makes your Blanky the Fox easy to take on trips and a pleasure for Mum and Dad to have in the car. A nice quiet plushy soft toy.

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