Zoomer the Elephant

Hugging and kissing an elephant isn’t exactly pleasant with their leathery, wrinkly and bristly skin. But if you really want to try then Zoomer the Elephant is perfect for the little one.

Zoomer the grey, stuffed, toy elephant comes with a pacifier that is removable. It makes finding a dropped dummy easier to find and become baby’s new best friend.

The plastic pacifier being attached to the trunk of the toy elephant resembles a well known zooming elephant that flew in a circus with his bird and cricket friends. That elephant had a special ability and you will never guess what it was. It FLEW!

Zoomer resembles that pachyderm with its posture that makes it look like it is in mid flight when your baby is sucking on its dummy. The original elephant was given a ‘special’ feather to help him fly but in this case the pacifier will help it fly straight into your child’s mouth and their hands cuddling him.

Zoomer wasn’t raised in a circus like the other guy with you as his Mum you can adopt him into your family will baby will love him just as much as you do. Mum will be so happy to see that Zoomer the stuffed toy elephant is making you so content.

If you want your baby to have the best grey toy elephant attached to it’s pacifier all day and night long then Zoomer the elephant is the one for your family. Hugs and kisses all night.

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