Woolie the Elephant

Woolie is a very cute, stuffed, plush, heatable elephant. The only kind of elephant you can heat up in the microwave and leave the house smelling of sweet French lavender.

Woolie the Elephant is a stuffed toy elephant that is so fluffy all over it could be mistaken for a toy mammoth. He is very cute with its little round belly and tusks. The only hunting of this little guy would be for friends to keep him company.

Being fluffy and mammoth-like will be the best company you could have when you’re watching your favourite icy animal animated movie. You will go nuts like a squirrel when you see the same elephant type creatures move slowly across the screen. Collecting more elephants like this toy stuffed one you can mimic the whole entire family along with the movie.

His ability to be warmed up in the microwave and his extra fluffiness helps retain the heat for the coldest of nights. The plushy fur is better to warm with than trying to use a real elephant because they have a thick bristly hide.

The extra soft, grey, fluffy, plush, is very huggable and a good size for your bed when you go to sleep at night. Unlike a real one it won’t crush you while you snooze, get you lost in its many leathery wrinkles or break your bed with its 12,000 pound body weight. The best elephant anyone can have in their bed.

Woolie the stuffed toy plush Elephant smell so much sweeter when heated unlike real elephants. The French lavender fragrance is far better to have through your home.

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