Flappy the Elephant

If something with a trunk is missing from your home and you have no room for another tree or wooden box then Flappy the toy stuffed elephant is perfectly sized for your home.

Flappy the stuffed toy elephant has some big flapping ears. He is smaller and won’t leave a mess like a real one. Mum and Dad shovel snow once a year during the winter and you don’t want to make them shovel real elephant doody all year round. So the best option would be stuffed, plush, little toy like Flappy here.

During the warmer months Flappy may not be able to squirt you with water to cool you and your friends off as you all run around the backyard. I mean it could be fun but a real one in the yard could prove to be messy by the end of the day. Wet grass and mud all over the place and all over the elephant. You would need to bathe it and in what? The neighbors pool?

Real elephant skin isn’t the best to snuggle up to being all leathery like and hairy. An elephant skin rug doesn’t exist and for that reason, they are not soft to touch or walk on with bare feet but are awesome creatures to visit at the zoo.

Flappy the plush, stuffed toy elephant is a better alternative for you and family. A much smaller toy companion if you are keen to have something in the house with a trunk and is grey colored.

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