Curly the Elephant

Curly is a stuffed plush toy with an upright little trunk that makes everyone want a baby elephant in their home. Perfect as a gift or to keep for yourself to hug every night.

Curly the elephant is a stuffed toy with soft vinyl ears that are large enough for you to decorate with a personal message. An adorable gift for anyone and is easy to wash. You can place it in a delicates bag and Curly will spin around until she is nice and clean.

Her little trunk is safe and a great size for the youngest of children to snuggle on, she will sit upright and still and perfectly wherever you place her. She is far smaller than a real one and less noisy too.

Pick up Curly anytime and feel her softness with each cuddle. It is widely known that any image or figurine that features an elephant’s trunk pointing upwards will bring good fortune to all. So taking Curly home or giving her as a gift is the best thing you could give someone or have in your home.

Curly is a very soft stuffed toy plush elephant that is very adorable in her grey plush fur. She looks like she could give the softest of trumpet blows with at any moment with her little snout. But do remember she is a stuffed toy elephant that will still make the best travel companion or room decoration. Especially perfect for any elephant collector whether very young, very old or in that phase in between.

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