Toto the Dog

This little guy is the replica of the dog that traveled long distances to find a family somewhere over the rainbow and now needs a new home. Such a good little doggy and defender against all bad witches.

Toto. Everyone knows who it is (no, not the 80’s rock band) and has always wanted to pat the little doggy. Toto was lucky enough to travel somewhere over the rainbow back in 1939 with Judy Garland.

This little toy pup would make any Wizard of Oz costume complete and would be easier to handle. No running off when going for a hot air balloon ride with your new friends, stealing sausages form a campfire or biting wicked old neighbors who threaten your family. He could also fit inside a picnic basket on the back of your bike keeping you company while fighting against Wicked Witches!

Toto is a little soft stuffed doggy who is so well behaved he would love to live with any family anywhere, even Kansas!

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