Shadow the Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is loved by all with his unusual bright blue eyes. An instantly recognizable breed known for their gentle and loyal nature, any home would be lucky to have this toy to look at each day and pet their soft fur.

Shadow the Siberian Husky is a loyal and cuddly toy friend. The real ones are used to the cold nights in the northern part of the world and this dog’s breed comes from. Husky also comes with soft fur that will keep you warm and cosy wherever you are.

Huskies are traditionally sled pulling dogs but this toy dog will have a hard time trying to pull you along in your sled in the snow but indoors you can pull it along instead on a sheet, a toy car or wagon. Maybe ride with it along the hallway, down a grassy hill in the summer or ~carefully~ down the stairs.

This little soft plushy guy will fit in most laps and will keep very still for pats. It has bright blue eyes that everyone will be mesmerized by, humans and pets alike. Some dogs like to play with soft plush puppies, snuggling up to them while asleep in their doggy beds.

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