Goldie Plush Labrador

A soft yellow companion that sits quietly in your lap waiting for snuggles and cuddles from anyone. A little friend that doesn’t hog the bed at night when you want to sleep. And best of all, no mud and no fleas!

Who wouldn’t love a dog in their home, they are lovable friendly and very loyal. But not all wannabe dog owners have the time or space for such wonderful creatures. This is where such soft toys like this one come in handy. There is no house sitting costs, food bills, vet bills, ‘accidents’ or chewed up favorite things around the house. 

We all know dogs are a great way to meet people when you have the time to walk them outside and this little cutie doesn’t need walking. This toy dog sits quietly in your home waiting for you all day and night ready for snuggles when you return.

What kid wouldn’t love a soft furry little toy companion as a gift. A much relief to any parent who has owned dogs before to see this toy dog as a gift and not a real one that reminds them of the time, space and responsibility that they all may not be ready for yet.

Take this plushy soft dog home and everyone will want one too. A hassle-free pet in your home.

Color: Yellow
Materials: Fine plush fabric
Size: 5 x 5 x 5 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces

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