Tuxedo Robo Kitty

Tuxedo robotic kitty, the purrfect companion for dancing the night away at the local disco in your retirement village. Just slip on your favorite suit or dress, jump into your dancing shoes and give kitty a little bow tie and you are both ready for a night out your will both never forget.

Tuxedo Robo Kitty is a classy looking robotic toy cat, ready to go anywhere at any time. Responds to anyone’s gentle touch like a real cat along with actual purring. A wonderful companion for any grandparent to watch old movies with. It will sit quietly in their lap and not ask who all the old time actors are or what is happening in the movie. It will let you enjoy your favorite stars in their classic performances the way you always remembered them.

Take Tuxedo kitty for a night out on the town. His black and white coloring will suit any handbag and or outfit you put together. You can get him a little bow tie to really class him up. All the other elders will wonder where you got such a snappy dresser as a ‘date’ and will ask to pet the little robotic toy cat. You will be the belle or the gentleman of the ball!

Tuxedo Robo Kitty is the best pet for grandparents who can be a tad forgetful in their older years. It doesn’t need feeding or litter boxes so no need to worry about leaving the party early to go home and feed the cat. Chances are it will probably already be with you in your bag or on your lap. Pat it all day long and it will never get tired.

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