Silver Robo Kitty

Silver Robo Kitty will match most fabrics in your home, be the purrfect little house guest when it comes to visit with the grandkids or live in your home as a gift. It will bring a smile to your face every day and listen to all the stories to have to share whether you are young or old. It will keep still and keep you happy.

Silver Robo Kitty is suitable for all ages with its realistic robotic responses to affection through pats and hugs anytime and anywhere. Anyone can enjoy robo kitty’s softness and listen to it purr, you would think it was the real thing. Everyone will want one in their homes and children will want as a gift for birthdays or Christmas.

Kitty is a calm and quiet companion for any Grandparent who wants company at home without the fuss of entertaining a house full of guests all the time. Just some nice relaxing time with family and kitty is ideal for the older members of the family. The grand kids will love to play with kitty while the grown ups talk.

There are no sharp claws to ruin clothes or damage skin when you play with Silver Robo Kitty. It is a safe and enjoyable way to play, a robot and a cat all in one. A friendly ‘pet’ you can safely put in a bag and take anywhere with no howling or ‘gifts’ left behind.

This cat knows its place and will stay there until you decide to pick it up. No fighting over the best chair in the room or best spot on the bed, this robotic toy kitty will obey and let you have the best view of everything in the house.

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Silver Robo Kitty
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Silver Robo Kitty
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