Ginger Robo Kitty

A realistic robotic cat for people who want a cat but are allergic. Don’t shed out all the extra $$$ for those purebred hairless kitties, the ones that frighten people and doubt it is a cat. This is the perfect cat for you and your family, all the benefits of owning a cat and enjoying its company.

Ginger Robo Kitty is a realistic robotic cat for anyone who wants all the benefits of a kitty without all the costs of vets, food, litter boxes and shedding that a real cat does. Bonuses for both you and kitty, company, companionship and fun times any time.

Kitty responds to all who pat it with purrs, meows with a look of utter love. It’s a robotic toy cat for anyone, kids and grown ups of all ages will enjoy listening to Ginger and patting its soft fur. Reading a book or seeing an old movie is now even more enjoyable while petting this soft furry kitty on your lap. Talking to it and sharing with your friends with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon as a grown up or as a kid throwing a tea party with the other dolls. How fun!

Ginger Robo Kitty will never grow old or run about in the neighborhood. He will always be at home waiting for you to pick it up and pet its brush able fur and huggable personality. A realistic family pet for anyone who loves cats, or robotic animals.You could fool your guests into thinking you got a real kitty and laugh about it later on how they fell for your little trick.

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