Floppy Ginger Cat

What makes people and pets the best things to cuddle? Softness, and with ginger kitty there is plenty of that with this toy. You could cuddle it all day and night and it won’t try to escape. It will stay with you as long as you want it to.

Floppy Ginger Cat is a super soft tiger striped kitty cat that any kid would love to own. Sitting quietly in your lap, beside you on the lounge or on your bed. It can be the gatekeeper of your domain, looking after all your prized possessions until you return from battle (school). It would love to hear all about your epic battles with the dungeon warlords (school teachers) that you ‘fought’ with that day.

Kitty is such a great toy it will get along with anyone and any animal in your home. No need to defend the family fish or bird that already reside in your home or break up fights with the dog because kitty is a soft plushy that just wants to be loved. Share with your friends and they may want a fluffy soft toy guardian like you have to feel safe in their rooms too.

Ginger Kitty is so self sufficient so there is none of the weaving between your ankles howling and waiting to be fed only to have you fall down on the floor. I am sure it will make a funny story but it is an annoying habit but not to worry with this little toy kitty.

Cuddles are best enjoyed when one of the participants is soft, plush and just the right amount of squeamishness.

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